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Dog Toys – Floki Approved

Floki has played with a LOT of toys, some better than others but all of them get his full attention.  Visit this page for dog toys for small dogs, and dog toys for aggressive chewers. 

Dog Treats and Dog Food

I love sticks and bark!  But when it comes to meals and treats, I’ll keep you up to date on what’s new and what is tried and true.

Dog Beds and Dog Crates

My humans spoil me… I’ve tried a lot of beds but I still prefer sleeping in their bed!  But when we’re relaxing by the fire I can give you a few suggestions on doggie beds and my favorite crate when it’s time to relax.

Must Have’s For Dog Owners

A Chewy Pet Supply Account

Get a Chewy Pet Supply AccountThey have a ton of product, ship it directly to your door, and typically have the lowest prices! Use this link to save 30% on your first Autoship Order with Chewy!

Training For A Discount:

Brain Training For Dogs

You might want to hire a trainer, but most of the early training you can do on your own. Control bad behavior before it begins with Brain Training For Dogs!

Great Food From BARF World

Barf World Juicy Lamb Patties

I know, the name is intriguing but the food is great! BARF stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” and you can read more about HERE. Floki has eaten this every evening since he was born and our 13 year old black lab started eating it at the same time and they LOVE it!